Rig Liaisonman – Saudi Arabia

Position: Rig Liaisonman
Location:  Saudi Arabia
Duration: 28/28 Rotation

Serve as the primary liaison between Saudi Aramco and Saudi Aramco rig Contractor and shall provide supervision of all operations performed on Saudi Aramco wells;
Provide training and evaluation of Saudi Aramco Liaisonmen/Toolpusher trainees;
Make recommendations on alternative methods in resolving defects of equipment when unusual situations are encountered and coordinate timely deliveries of Saudi Aramco and Saudi Aramco Service Company materials and equipment to the well as required;
Ensure that Saudi Aramco Contractors meet all contract requirements and shall verify and approve all Saudi Aramco contractor and service company operations by way of tour repots and field tickets;
Ensure that Saudi Aramco Contractors maintain the Rig and Equipment adequately to maximize efficiency and minimized down time, and that Saudi Aramco materials and equipment are properly utilized, handled and stored and report to Saudi Aramco for any misuse by Contractors of these materials and equipment;
Ensure that all Saudi Aramco safety rules and regulations are following by Saudi Aramco Contractors and work with Drilling and Workover Engineers to see that modern practices are followed;
Work closely with Saudi Aramco Drilling and Workover personnel as required accomplishing objectives and performing other miscellaneous duties as directed by the Drilling Superintendent;
Field Mentorship of Trainees in the filed development program (FDP)

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